May 14, 2016
by Robert Porterfield
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Why ‘Click here’ is Unnecessary

Many web content writers have the tendency (or are often tempted) to use ‘click here’ in order to direct their readers to further sites. It has been proven though that there is no need to use the generic phrase to link to your site. Using it will not strengthen your online presence and will only give a negative impression on your audience. What then should you do instead of using these words?

You can successfully write the links or add links to your content by more updated and effective ways. Consider the following points:

click here•‘Click here’ does not mean anything. What actually happens in the virtual world is that most viewers are too busy to read lengthy articles. They just scan web contents. For many, time is of essence. They only look for specific keywords or information and then move on to the next page in split seconds. Since so much information compete for their attention, they could easily be distracted and would not even care to notice a generic phrase. In addition, viewers’ reading activity is also affected by the website design, appearance, and color as well as the screen resolution. What then should you do to be seen?

Every web writer must face this reality and bear in mind that there is a possibility that his content may not be read at all. When viewers scan web contents, there will obviously be things that will stand out including links. It is therefore important that links are underlined or highlighted in a different color from the whole text. Consequently, there is no need for you to tell them to ‘click’ because they would automatically click on that link if the linked information or word interest them. It would be easy for you to direct them to another site by highlighting a word or phase in your article.

•It is not dynamic. The major purpose of web content is mostly for guests to take action. A link text that encourages viewers to respond with a desired action is a very effective way to lead your readers on. For example, “Subscribe to our site” is better than “Click here to subscribe.” As you can see, the first expression containing the actual link text of the desired action is more inviting than the latter.

Since it is not your intention to only give information about your products or services but for guests to buy or use what you have to offer, employ words that move them to act and appropriately link these specific action words

•It is not SEO-friendly. Google and other search engines obviously strengthen your online presence and your position in the search results. Instead of a generic link text whose only purpose is to tell the search engines that your content has a link, use keywords. Use words that would obviously tell your audience what you have to offer in relation to their actual needs and interests.

SEO-friendly keywordsUsing SEO-friendly keywords is best way to draw clients to your site and these key words must therefore appear in your content. You can then put links on the keywords. Do not waste your valuable information and your efforts in creating and posting your content by the mere use of a generic link text.

•It is outdated. In the past, when the Internet was quite unpopular and less people were knowledgeable about what to do online, ‘click here’ was somewhat effective in leading the viewers on what to do next. Many were simply curious and amused at what clicking the link would do or where the link would take them.

However, with the passing of time and with almost everyone in the world knowing what websites and links are, such generic invitation to click a link has lost its novelty and excitement.

This might not seem to be a big enough SEO concern for you to think about. But, professional SEO consultants will tell you that you are mistaken. Coming up with more interesting link texts should be your concern if you want to drive consumers to your site with these links.

January 28, 2016
by Sherri Melton

Properties of Printed Circuit Boards

The traces are comprised of a narrow and flat part from the copper which remains post-etching. The width and thickness determines the traces’ resistance and must always be adequately low so the conductor can carry the current. Ground and power traces may have to be wider compared to signal traces. For boards with multiple layers, one full layer has to be completely made of copper – this is to shield and return power. In printed circuit boards found in microwaves, the transmission lines are laid out in the form of micro strips and strip lines using meticulously managed dimensions. This is to ensure consistency in impedance. For fast-switching and radio-frequency circuits, the conductors’ capacitance and inductance are important elements. These can act as a significant part of the design, ridding the need for extra components.

Materials Used in Manufacturing Printed Circuit Boards

Printed circuit boards all use the basic four materials for manufacturing:

• Laminates

• Copper foil

• Copper-clad laminates

• Resin impregnated (pre-preg) B-stage cloth

Laminates are made through curing layers of paper or cloth under temperature and pressure with thermoset resin, forming an integral piece that is uniform in thickness. It can be as big as 4×8 feet in width and length. Various weaves, resin percentage, and cloth thickness help achieve the desired final dielectric characteristics and thickness.

PCBsThe fiber material or cloth that is used, the cloth-to-resin ratio, and the resin material itself determine the type designation of the laminate – which means it determines the final laminate’s characteristics, too. Essential characteristics are the standards including the dielectric constant, the laminate’s fire retardant property, the loss factor, the shear strength, the tensile strength, the Z-axis coefficient (the extent to which thickness changes with temperature), and the glass temperature.

There are some dielectrics that can be used to offer various insulation values, depending on the printed circuit boards requirements. Among these are Teflon (polytetrafluoroethylene), FR-1, FR-4, CEM-3 and CEM-1. Popular pre-preg materials utilized in printed circuit boards include:

• CEM-1 (cotton paper + epoxy)

• CEM-2 (cotton paper + epoxy)

• CEM-3 (non-woven glass + epoxy)

• CEM-4 (woven glass + epoxy)

• CEM-5 (woven glass + polyester)

• G-10 (woven glass + epoxy)

• FR-2 (phenolic cotton paper)

• FR-3 (cotton paper + epoxy)

• FR-4 (woven glass + epoxy)

• FR-5 (woven glass + epoxy)

• FR-6 (matte glass + polyester)

Thermal expansion is very important to keep in mind, especially if using naked die technologies or a ball grid array. The best dimensional stability can be obtained using glass fiber. By far, the most used material today is FR-4 – the board that has copper on it is what is referred to as the copper-clad laminate.

Copper Thickness

PCBs have a copper thickness that can be specified via micrometers (or other units of length), but is often specified via ounce per square foot (weight of copper per area). An ounce per square foot is equal to 34 micrometers in thickness.

The industry of PCBs defines heavy copper as layers that go beyond three ounces of copper (105 micrometers in thickness). Fabricators and designers regularly use heavy copper when creating PCBs so that they can increase the capacity for carrying current, in addition to increasing the resistance against thermal strains. Vias that are heavy copper-plated are used to transfer heat to external heat sinks. The standard for determining PCB traces’ capacity for carrying current is the IPC 2152.

Safety Certification

The Safety Standard UL 796 encompasses safety requirements for PCB components for application and use in appliances and devices. Testing must analyze properties and characteristics including maximum operating temperature, heat deflection, flammability, direct support for live electrical parts, and electrical tracking.

January 11, 2016
by Walter Glover

Why Order Rubber Bracelets for your Promotional Needs?

Are you planning to organize a fundraising event, and you are aiming to raise awareness about it and its cause? Or are you promoting a newly launched product or service, and you are thinking of a simple yet effective way to do it? Or are you simply thinking of a creative and usable souvenir for your son’s eighth birthday, but you are on a tight budget? Whatever it is that you are planning to do, there is one simple yet proven effective way for you. What could that be? We recommend you to turn to using rubber bracelets or also known as silicone wristbands.

Rubber braceletsAs years pass, the popularity of silicone wristbands steadfastly increased among people around the globe. It also became a fashion fad as accessories especially for most teens. Marketing groups and event organizers are the ones that caused this sudden popularity. For most marketing groups, using a rubber bracelet is one of their best options to promote their fresh products and latest services. Not only do these accessories reach massive number of targeted audience, they also give marketing groups the freedom to be both creative and innovative without any limits.

On the other hand, event organizers use silicon wristbands to raise people’s awareness of and to publicize their upcoming events and activities – may be it a charity event, a fundraising activity, or a concert of a neophyte band or singer. They use these to proliferate and to disseminate the messages and causes of their events and activities. Using these silicone wristbands is an innovative example of advertising using the new media.

Rubber bracelets or silicone wristbands are not only a fad. Rather they are considered as successful marketing materials and advertising initiative. With that, here are the various reasons why you should try using these to stir and catch anyone’s attention regardless of your cause:

Great value for your money, as they are affordable!

Any marketing team knows how valuable it is to promote a product or a service that will have a massive impact to the targeted audience yet with minimal cost. Silicone wristbands only cost less than $0.50 each depending on the kind of silicone wristband and design you opt to use. Moreover, some companies offer myriads of promos and packages that include extra features like free shipping for non-rush orders. It is budget-friendly yet it is effective and engaging. It is also capable of reaching multitude of people. It definitely provides great value for your money.


These silicone wristbands are available in various types depending on their size, color, and band design. Types include micro bands, finger bands, embossed or debossed, color coated or filled, segmented or swirled, keychain, one inch or ¾ inch, and silk screened. Companies that create and mass-produce rubber bracelets often allow the customers to create or to submit their own designs to curtail to the kinds of campaign that they are promoting or publicizing. They offer different customization options like basic one-phrase bands to multi-colored swirled bands engraved with personalized message.

Good thing that some companies allow the customers to create designs or messages with no character limit. The silicon wristbands are also available in various bright colors, and the customers have the freedom to choose whatever color they want to use. Other companies also offer free pantone color matching on all of the orders to better cater to your needs. You can make customization requests by simply sending your own design or your personal message to the company, and voila, they’ll do the job! Do you want to hear another wonderful thing? Customization includes the use of state-of-the-art machinery or die molding.

They are of 100% good quality.

One good factor about these wristbands is that they are not only economical, but they are also of good quality. These rubber bracelets are made from 100% pure silicon rubber, which makes them extremely durable and long lasting. They are also lightweight, which makes it easier and more convenient to use and bring anywhere. Last, these wristbands are very reusable as they are washable. These factors make the wristbands more adaptable to their intended usage – promotion of a charity event or a sporting activity – and the number one choice for promotions.

Most companies offer rush orders.

Having an event tomorrow and suddenly you realized that your initial orders of souvenirs were not actually made? Don’t fret! You still have another option! You may want consider ordering silicone wristbands. Most companies offer a 24-hour production turnaround to help you meet that deadline and ensure that you successfully pull off your event.

You want attention? Well it does catch people’s attention very quickly!

Who would not get hooked on these bracelets? These silicone wristbands having unique and creative designs could not easily be missed by anyone. They are also available in different bright colors that will surely pop and catch people’s attention.

Have we satisfied you enough? In your next campaign or any event or product launch that you are organizing, you can consider ordering and using these inexpensive yet impressive rubber bracelets or silicone wristbands to help with your promotion.

Author Bio:

We offer a variety of custom silicone wristbands, bracelets and keychains. Create personalized rubber bracelets and wristbands by visiting our official website.

September 28, 2015
by Mia Macias
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Useful Tips When Purchasing Custom Lanyards

Many people easily get interested in buying custom lanyards right after they find out about the benefits of having them. Nevertheless, there are various things you have to consider first before finally making purchases. Your custom lanyards can look excellent but this, of course, depends on you. If you have not made up your mind yet, then it is safe to say that you need the help of an expert. If you are not aware of how the orders are done and where you can place yours, the tips you will get in this article will help you.

First and foremost, you have to find the best place to purchase custom lanyards. You will need to opt for one with experienced specialists who have the essential skills needed to produce personalized variations. You must avoid falling victim to the marketing strategies of some stores so you will not just get disappointed in the end. You can take advantage of the internet. You will find many online stores and manufacturers that are already experienced in the industry. Compared to the local stores, you can easily find reviews about the online companies on the internet. This way, you will know which among them is the most preferable. This is also the most convenient way of purchasing your personalized lanyards.

Custom lanyardsYou also have to check the samples of your chosen online stores to see if they are capable of creating the styles that you want your custom lanyards to have. This is important because the next thing you have to do is to choose the style that best suits your personality or the company that you want your lanyards to promote. If you are designing your lanyards on your own, you have to make sure that it contains all of the needed details if you have something that you want to be emphasized on your designs, just make sure to note it on your drafts.

The type of lanyards is also important. You might want to consider opting for the printed ones since it will allow you to create and apply any kind of design. If offers the most precise way of applying any design on the lanyards. You can also make some design variations on your purchases if possible.

One of the crucial things that countless buyers forget when placing their orders or submitting their drafts is to indicate their desired size. You must consider the fact that there are styles or designs that can only be applied on lanyards with wider cords. Before you finally place your orders or submit your designs, you have to make sure that your desired scale is present in the draft. It has to be pointed out regardless if you are purchasing from local shops or online stores.

Finally, you have to make sure that you are aware of the price of your orders. Keep in mind that the more complex your designs are, the higher their prices could become. In addition, you have to be aware of the shipping fees. Making sure of these things will help you get the results you are looking for.

You have to keep in mind that if you do not buy appropriately, your orders could become pricey. The purchase could also take much time if it is not done correctly. In addition, you have to express what you want your custom lanyards to look like so the manufacturers can produce designs according to what you like. You will be able to come up with the best results by making use of these guidelines. By the time you place your orders on your desired stores, you already know the things you have to consider.

September 10, 2015
by Harriet Williams
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The Ball and the Club: The Fundamental Pair in Golf

The sport of Golf entails using a number of equipment for a full and enjoyable game. A golfer especially the serious and professional one, understands how carrying certain golf equipment could actually improve one’s game play. However, for those who would like to try their hand in golf, they should first know the basic golf equipment before delving into the optional ones.

Golf Balls

Golf balls are the primary golf equipment one should be familiar with if you are interested in the prestigious sport that is golf. From the name itself, a golf ball is a ball used in playing golf. This tiny ball with small grooves covering the surface, normally white, is just about 45.93 grams and has a least allowable diameter of 42.67 mm.

There are different kinds of balls used in golf. These balls could be classified according to golf player expertise. For a normal golf player, someone who every now and then plays golf mostly for reasons that involve personal or casual business leisure, the best choice would be the recreational ball.

Golf equipmentThen, there are special balls called practice balls or range balls, created for people who are still learning the art of playing golf. They have smaller flight and have below average hitting characteristics, best for players who have yet to learn how to control their swing speed. These are heavy-duty and resilient. These balls are priced even lower than the recreational balls.

On the other end of the expertise spectrum, there is a different set of golf balls for the professional players, especially those who join competitions and are highly skilled in this sport. This set is called the advanced golf balls. Being multi-layered, these balls require higher swing speed and strength so that the golf player could optimize the ball’s flight capabilities. In addition, these balls have greater spin characteristics and are significantly more expensive than a standard golf ball.

Golf Clubs

The clubs are the equipment used to hit the ball into the hole; the club is made up of three parts. The part where the player grasps the club to swing it is called the grip. The materials used to make the grip are typically leather, synthetic, or rubber.

After the grip is the shaft. This second part of the club is the tube linking the grip and the club head, the third part. Normally, this is made of metal, like titanium or even steel, though there are also shafts made of graphite.

The final fragment of the golf club is the club head. This is the most vital part of the club as this decides what category the golf club would be placed. Different clubs are created and numbered depending on how far they could make a golf ball fly. In fact, each club has its own number depending on the distance it can make the ball fly. To understand the numbers, it should be noted that the larger the number is, the shorter distance it could cover. The same goes for the opposite; the smaller the numbered club is, the farther it could make the ball fly.

The club generally seen in a typical golf setting is the putter. This club head has a range of sizes but normal one is around 35 inches. The learned player knows that the putter is generally created to be used when the ball lands in the green and is a short distance from the hole. Since the putter drives the ball at the shortest distance out of all the clubs, this golf equipment would work best when the set up requires the golf player to roll the ball into the hole.

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September 4, 2015
by Casey Lopez
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The Entourage of “Don’ts” in Article Writing

What should not be done when writing articles? This is a question specifically addressed to those who want to start their writing careers because some mistakes can hurriedly ruin them immediately.

Here are some of the things that should NOT be considered in article writing:
1.Forgetting to choose the target audience.

What’s the purpose of writing articles for a particular audience when they are not chosen in the first place? The more audience is selected, the more chances of appealing to them can be achieved. Before starting to write, target a particular group of readers that share the burning interest for a certain topic. Afterwards, build article phrases or keywords with these readers in mind.

2.Writing ineffective titles.

Article titles must reach out and catch the attention of readers. Make sure that relevant keywords or phrases are included in the titles to make them more effective but always keep them short. Putting quotation marks around or within the title is not recommended because search engines don’t’ seem to like them.

3.Opening with weak paragraphs.

Article writingChosen topics in article writing must be presented in every first sentence of the starting paragraph in order to keep the audience’s interest in reading. Please ensure that phrases and keywords are also used in this part. Written articles should always show the benefits of reading them from the beginning.

4.Neglecting the article’s flow.

Before writing even the very first word of the article, outlined main and sub topics must be prepared in order to be on track. After writing a particular paragraph, use some words or phrases in the last part of that paragraph to begin with the next paragraph. This is a simple writing tip that can help in preventing the loss of flow.

5.Stealing contents from fellow article writers.

Stealing, in whatever way, is a no-no when it comes to article writing. Don’t attempt to rewrite fellow author’s article using own words. This unethical practice might be unnoticed at first but will still be discovered in the long run. It is always fine to have an idea from other relevant sources.

6.Making the readers bored.

When writing the article’s main body about a specific product, do not try to sell it or include its affiliate links. Giving up-to-date and useful information is much better.

Remember that newspaper-written types of article are always aimed at 6th grade reading levels. If possible, try to inject some humor. Personal stories are also good but get away from overdoing them. Keep in mind that all the readers are interested on articles that have something for them.

An ideal word count should be ranging from 500 to 800 words and make time to develop an article subject. Drop all the unnecessary words and use strong verbs more than adjectives or adverbs whenever possible in expressing ideas.

Use an active voice rather than a passive one. “The hungry predator attacked its prey” is more appropriate than saying “The prey was attacked by the hungry predator.”

Use white spaces with short paragraphs.

7.Creating mirrored contents.

Mirrored contents means the author box of a reprinted article is flagging an identical article within another author’s website. This smells trouble because Google doesn’t seem to like it.

To prevent this, use different versions of the article when circulating them but make sure to publish the earliest version first. This way, search engines will give priority to the site where the first version was published.

8.Leaving readers hanging through bad article endings.

Bringing up fresh points to illustrate the topics is more appropriate than summarizing them in conclusion.

9.Sending out articles without proofreading.

Before sending the articles to directories and publishers, ensure that they are free from grammar and spelling errors. If necessary, ask a knowledgeable friend to do the proofreading or hire a professional proofreader instead.

By keeping all these “DON’TS” in mind, writers will be always free from some article writing blunders that could come along the way.

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August 27, 2015
by Annie Haynes
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Qualities of Great Motivational Speakers

Motivation could be a difficult thing to instill in people, especially in companies or organizations facing internal challenges. This is the reason why companies or organizations invite motivational speakers to engage, inspire and motivate their members. Sometimes, an outsider offers a fresh perspective and can spur a more positive response compared to an insider.

Keynote speakerFrom the word “motivate” alone, one could tell how important the job of a motivational speaker is. This is not something to be taken lightly. Now that motivational speaking has become quite an attractive source of income, many people are jumping into the bandwagon without really knowing what the job entails. Speakers cannot just simply open their mouths and speak in front of people without the right motive behind it. The ultimate responsibility of speakers is to transform people from within – triggering changes in mindsets and attitudes that would lead them to success.

Great speakers transform mindsets and attitudes so effectively when they speak in front of a large group of people. However, you can tell that they are not merely pretending when upon closer inspection of their inner circle, they also effectively inspire people around them.

Here are some qualities of great motivational speakers:

First off, they usually have their own personal motivators. You cannot motivate others if you are not motivated yourself. Most speakers are motivated by hard work, their ideals, their families, and even their failures in life. People usually respond to stories of failure and how people are able to rise from the ashes and be successful. A strong sense of personal motivation is needed to be a great motivational speaker. If you are not internally motivated, it would be a challenge for you to motivate the crowd.

As you probably expect, speakers should also be optimistic. However, they should never fail to consider reality at the same time. This balance is crucial because audiences will easily identify a speaker whose head seems to be in the clouds. It is amazing to hear motivational speakers who encourage others by positively presenting difficult scenarios. They always give a bit of encouragement, especially during tough times. They always see reasons to feel good amidst tough situations.

Great motivational speakers also have the power to make people driven, ready to give their best to every task. They are also good in boosting the morale of a group of people that have gone through difficult times.

Another quality of great motivational speakers is their ability to connect well with their listeners. The desire to motivate, boost morale, and even to inspire can only do so much. Without the ability to connect with the audience, speakers will not be able to send their message across. Great speakers in history, such as Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, possess this inherent ability. They are able to exude an atmosphere that they are one with the audience, and that they understand and know what they are going through. This is difficult to pull off.

Lastly, a clear and resonant voice is also a characteristic of a great motivational speaker. This is the kind of voice that resounds through a hall or a room. It is important to have a clearly delivered and a clearly heard message; even the most meaningful message won’t have any meaning if the audience barely understood it. Projecting your voice is something that can be practiced and learned.

The end-goal of a motivational speaker is to instill a profound change in the listeners. This could be a nugget of wisdom that would propel them to action and hopefully, trigger a positive change. This is crucial, because this one small step might be the start of something big in their lives.

August 27, 2015
by Lynn Moody
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What are Neck Lanyards?

The increasing popularity of lanyards is an indication that the printing business is a thriving industry for many entrepreneurs. The customers get more benefits from free enterprise in the form of bulk discounts, better service and high quality finished products.

Neck LanyardsWhat are neck lanyards and why are they among the most favorite accessories to wear? According to the dictionary, they are cords or straps worn around the neck to serve a purpose. Basically, they function as carriers of identification cards of employees, students, medical personnel and different institutions. However, because of their hands-free convenience, people start to hang their pens, keys, cell phones and other little items. Their versatility grows and keeps on evolving. They become the best method to keep essential objects close to the body for safekeeping and easy accessibility.

Neck lanyards are usually 17 inches in length and the width varies depending on users’ preferences. They have two loops: the large loop allows the person’s head to accommodate the material and the small hoop is below, ready to hold the items with a bulldog clip, string or snap hook.

Neck cords are light but sturdy enough to carry things that are vital to the daily routine. They are primarily used by schools, businesses, government agencies as well as organizations.

At present, these neck accessories use connectors that can be unfastened for safety purposes. The connectors although durable can be easily removed when necessary due to unexpected reasons without the hassle of removing the whole lanyard. These kinds of lanyard materials are recommended for events or activities that involved risks of being snagged.

The long-term quality of neck lanyards makes them the popular choice for offices because fabric materials last long and do not need replacement every year. Like uniforms, they can be replaced after a few years. Typically, these cords become integral part of the required uniforms. They usually accessorize the plainness of the daily wear or enhance the clean, professional look of uniforms.

Some of the most popular types of neck lanyards are:

1. Classic Nylon lanyards

These are plain and flat lanyards that are ideal for corporate conferences or meetings. The material used is usually knitted polyester with variety of colors to match the company or event logo. Attachments like swivel hooks and Bulldog clips can be attached to carry the name badges. They are comfortable to use during these events because they are light and do not irritate the skin neck.

2. Premium Polyester lanyards

They are perfect for trade shows, exhibits, promotional events or special activities that require multi-color imprints. The material is usually single-ply polyester that shows highly defined company logos or name brands.

3. Dye-sublimated lanyards

These are preferred choices for big events, sports activities, special business gatherings and important conferences. The material used in creating it is usually soft satin that is thick enough to accommodate fine details of the preferred designs. The quality of these kinds of lanyards fits the need for multi-colored and clear, photographic imprints. They are expensive but showcase elegance and quality finished products for important events.

4. Woven lanyards

These kinds of lanyards are ideal for organizations or clubs. They are the best option for them because designs are weaved into the fabric. Their logos and tagline or motto are preserved for a long period and do not fade unless washed with bleach. They are expensive because of manual work, but worth the expense because the polyester material used in creating it is guaranteed to be highly durable.

5. Tubular lanyards

These are made of quality polyester, which is economical and affordable. They look like shoelaces and gives soft, comfortable feel on the skin. They are ideal for kids who wear them all the time in school. The method used to make imprints is silk-screening.
So, the next time you shop for lanyards, use this information to find the perfect material for your personal or business needs.

August 24, 2015
by Justin Turner
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Understanding the Purpose of Custom Military Coins

The process of designing custom military coins has always been a collaboration between the person who ordered the coins and the blacksmith who was given the task of engraving the coins. This is true even during the old days when modern-day engraving tools were not readily available yet. The person who ordered the coins was usually someone of higher rank who wanted to give out the coins to loyal troop members. He also had to shoulder all the costs, including commissioning the specific coins to be used for the process.

Most of the challenge coins that were created in the old days were made out of authentic silver or gold. This is because those were actual coins usedcustom military coins for trading and was normally a part of the master’s treasury. That would be the same master who is lord of the manor and leader of the troops. Nowadays, creating custom military coins out of actual gold or silver coins is considered a privilege reserved for the highest-ranking officials and for people who deserve the highest honours. Authentic gold and silver coins are too expensive now, which could lead troops to the temptation of pawning it in case they get on hard times.

The exclusivity of custom military coins has effectively come to an end once its mass production began. Nowadays, people without any connection to the military can order their very own customized challenge coins to use for whatever purpose they might see fit. Although most organizations still use special challenge coins as tokens of appreciation, several other organizations have started using it for personal purposes.

These purposes include:

1. As souvenirs on special events like weddings, birthdays, baptism, and so on. The coins are distributed to guests in lieu of the usual lacy, fluffy souvenirs that nobody really likes to decorate their home with.

2. As souvenirs of places that one has already travelled to. In some cases, a tourist spot might have recently been the site of a recent historical event. Locals with enterprising minds could then commission the creation of special commemorative coins that are engraved with a scene or a phrase from the event. These coins are then sold to tourists who visit the place for its historical value. Sometimes the coins could be sold at steep prices before or during the event. The price would then drop a few days or weeks after the event.

Some manufacturers of popular gaming consoles have also started using custom military coins on their games. The coins are designed to hold a special purpose, such as keeping the codes that the gamers would need in order to move on to the next level. These challenge coins are often included on the packaging for the specific game that it assists. However, there are cases wherein gamers would have to purchase a separate pack of challenge coins. This is especially true if the game level is almost at its peak and requires more complex codes to crack.

People who need to purchase custom military coins for personal purposes can order these at any reliable online store. They don’t even have to worry about having to make do with challenge coins that contain generic designs. A lot of coin manufacturers offer their customers the option of creating their own designs at home. Once the design is finalized, the customer could then forward this over to the manufacturer for engraving.

Customers also have the option to provide any other instruction that they think would make the challenge coins more interesting.Aside from special instructions, customers can also choose the size and shape of the coins. This means that they can easily match this up with the purpose for which the coins would be used.

Challenge Coins 4 Less provides solution for top quality, on-time delivery and unbeatable prices. Our custom military coins designs are the finest you can get.

August 20, 2015
by Eric Steele
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Freedom from Clutter with a Portable Storage Container

Clutter can somehow get too out of hand. One cause could be the insane hoarding that is an emotional response most individuals have. However, there are other various reasons why people experience a crowding space at home. At some point, a need to declutter the house would eventually arise. But the task can be overwhelming and exhausting.

ContainersThe easiest way to succeed is by pushing through with the decluttering idea. Move everything out of the room, for instance, and then set the items that are needed back in. To even make this task quicker and more efficient is a portable storage container.

Sorting through the Clutter

As the things in your house accumulated through time, choosing which ones to keep and which ones to store could take a lot of time. Be reminded that in taking the step to free yourself from clutter, you have to prevent the clutter from following you. This is where the portable storage container fits well because it can keep all those things which you can easily control.

If you are to move to a new home, you can decide which one of these spacious containers will be delivered to your new house. Then let the rest stay in the locked container until you need them again.

This process of going over your things can also help you in releasing bad habits of hoarding in the end. In this way, you can bring back peace and order to your home. Beginning with small steps of putting essential items in your priority, and placing the others for safe keeping.

Decluttering Tool

Filling the house with various items is inevitable that’s why it is necessary to allot a time to declutter, so that the space can be utilized more efficiently. However, it is a tough task to pack all these collected items into small containers. Moving them from one room to another can eat a great chunk from your time and energy. Taking advantage of the use of a portable storage container can set you free from this burden.

The task of removing items at home may be due to reorganizing of the room, selling the house, or moving to a new one. Instead of worrying too much about allotting another space in the house for the excess clutter, just remember that this type of container can provide a more convenient solution.

Safe and secure storage

This sturdy container can hold everything in your room and other household items. This also gives a sense of control in keeping the things away from the house, but still setting them aside safely. Getting a portable storage container may need more research to compare the prices and services of different companies. It is best to get a company that provides a collective fee for both delivery and pick up.

When a portable storage container is used, it is most importantly to keep the valuables in a clean and safe space. The container would be locked with only you having the key for all your things. There should also be a number of points inside where you can install loading straps. These can keep your things from moving or falling off. However, do not put the straps too tight because this can damage your things.

Even though the container is spacious, also practice proper organizing techniques so that you won’t waste any space. Good packing is an important factor in making the most of this tool. Take the time to plan which items are to be placed in each area. Lastly, think of the weight distribution of the container. This is crucial because it might cause problem during pick up. So, follow these tips so that you can be free from the trouble of too much clutter.

August 3, 2015
by Daniel Sparrow
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Chat is the “In” Thing

live-chatIn this day and age when the internet and social media are booming, everyone, young and old,  is dabbing into this new phase of virtual human interaction wherein one can go shopping, meet people, take classes, play games and learn new skills, all at the comforts of their own homes.  This is the future and businesses, in order to survive and thrive, are also adapting and going online with their products and services.

People nowadays are mostly glued to their computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones and will not usually find the time to pick up a phone and dial an 800 number. This mode of customer service is slowly becoming a thing of the past.  Live chat for business is the future. Having help available online, any time of the day is becoming a trend in the world of customer service.

Below are five reasons why chat service is good for business:

1. Convenience.  Every entrepreneur must know that in order for his business to succeed, he must always put his customers’ wellbeing and comfort at the top of his priority list. Satisfied and loyal customers are the reasons why a business thrives despite the hard times.  Making online help available at their fingertips is a priceless service that business owners can provide to their customers.  It allows them to get instant help while doing other stuff at home.

When engaged in a chat, a customer can multitask and do other things while waiting for the chat agent to respond. There are also no messy and confusing automated systems with various options to decipher. Most chat services will connect a customer to an available agent right away and only require answers to simple questions like the customer’s name and concern.

2. Saves money.  Having live chat for business is one way for a company to save money. This mode of customer service is much less expensive than having customer service representatives on the phones. The premium for Voice (phone) agents is much higher than Non-Voice (chat/email) agents. This results to lower average interaction costs.

Less phone time means that chat agents are able to multitask and handle multiple customers at the same time. This lessens the long queue or wait time that most customers experience when calling. Oftentimes, customers will not stay to talk to a representative if the wait time is long.  Short queue or none at all means more customers are serviced thus, improving the likelihood of closing more sales!

3. Build up those sales.  Having a chat service present on a business’ website gives potential customers instant answers to those questions that might be stopping them from buying or getting the product or service that caught their attention.  Many prospective customers are hesitant to ask questions in person or over the phone because they are either embarrassed by how mundane it is, or they are afraid that they might be considered easy targets and might get looped in into something that they are clueless about. Having live chat for business provides customers answers that help facilitate the process of decision making.

4. Be different. In this competitive market wherein many are offering the same products and services, it is always a challenge to stand out; but, what makes customers choose one company over the other despite the former having promotions and deals? The answer is simple. At the end of the day, what matters most is customer experience. Having a chat service available for customers gives a business an edge over others because it represents accessibility. Knowing that they didn’t have to wait to get help and have their questions answered provides a more positive customer experience.

5. Connect. Having live chat for business gives customers the impression that the company is more than an entity. The chat agents will give the company a face.  Behind the name is a living, breathing human being who can empathize with customers and work with them and suggest the most appropriate resolution.  With this setup, a customer feels more engaged in the decision-making process.  He or she feels involved and valued.